Top Places to Live for Fishing and Hunting

Top Places to Live for Fishing and Hunting : The planet is filled with wonderful places for hunting and fishing.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I have been fortunate to short-term stay in many great destinations, as well as consult many expert friends along the U.S. about where to live for a lifetime of adventure.

And here they are

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1.Verna, Utah

Total Population in household


Cost of Living Index


Median Household Income


Verna, Utah

Due to its prime location sandwiched between the Uinta Mountains to the north and Book Cliffs to the south, and along with the Wasatch front just beyond the city limits of Vernal, it is one of America’s best places to live for hunting.

These units are known for paradise for big-game hunters.

Living and hunting here, your chances of seeing a world-class mule deer or elk are extremely high.

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A high median household income, attributed to an oil boom, and amenities, culture, and comforts that would normally be associated with a larger town, is next to the place’s biggest draw. Also view Best Hotels With Eiffel Tower View

2.Fayetteville, W.Va.

Total Population in household


Cost of Living Index


Median Household Income


Fayetteville, W.Va.

Fayetteville has the strongest median household income and the lowest cost of living in my list, making it one of the best places to live.

And for hunters, it is like a sanctuary.

There are a number of deer, bear, turkey, and especially squirrels that inhabit the New River Gorge of Virginia and this makes it one of the rare National Parks in the country that allows hunting.

Aside from the best views in East, you will also be able to enjoy the hunt itself.

3.Deadwood, S.D

Total Population in household


Cost of Living Index


Median Household Income


Deadwood, S.D

A South Dakota city known for hunting vast expanses of public land, Deadwood also features excellent opportunities to hunt on many private lands for those with permission from the landowner.

Moreover, it boasts the best odds of any unit with an annual success rate of 70%, meaning you stand a solid chance of tagging one.

Besides, mule deer and Merriam’s turkeys are quite popular.

Additionally, because blackjack tables call too often, this is a high-cost place to live.

4.Salmon, Idaho

Total Population in household


Cost of Living Index


Median Household Income


Salmon, Idaho

Salmon ranks very high on our list because of its diverse species, plenty of ideal hunting and fishing spots, and high median household income.

You will find plenty of activities to keep yourself busy in this region via the Salmon River, thousands of acres of roadless wilderness, and the 2.4 million-acre wonderland of Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

The surrounding highlands also offer chukar hunting in addition to the salmon and numerous fish species. There is also a chance to hunt cougar, wolf, black bear, and bear.

5.Rapid City, SD

Total Population in household


Cost of Living Index


Median Household Income


Rapid City, SD

Thanks to its gateway to the Black Hills region, Rapid City – South Dakota is a paradise for hunters and fishermen.

There are almost all-year-round hunting opportunities that include prairie dogs, coyotes, pronghorns, prairie chickens, sharptails, Merriam’s turkey, elk, mule deer, and whitetails.

It is possible to catch panfish, pike, largemouth bass, browns, rainbow trout, and the brook trout in the streams to the west of town, in the surrounding prairie, and in mountain lakes.

6.Centerville, IA

Total Population in household


Cost of Living Index


Median Household Income


Centerville, IA

The friendliness of its citizens and its classic Midwestern courthouse square, all are what make this town great to live in.

Aside from its 4-season opportunities in fishing and hunting, it offers abundant wildlife such as channel cats on Rathbun Lake north of town, walleyes, great crappies, waterfowl, plentiful turkeys, and deer in the fall and early winter.

Plus, groundhogs and coyotes are hunted all year round.

There are longer trapping seasons for beavers, crows, and cottontail rabbits.

7.Whitefish, Montana

Total Population in household


Cost of Living Index


Median Household Income


Whitefish, Montana

Several years ago, Whitefish became a famous destination for big game hunters from around the world.

Because the moose, elk, and bear populations are high within the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area complex, you are allowed to hunt inside the park.

Aside from wolves, you’ll have great chances to shoot grizzly bears, wolves, and other critters.

The Montana hunting regulations are really comprehensive, which stipulate everything from seasons to firearm ownership. Make sure to have a guide with you during the first few hunts.

This type of guide provides many opportunities for private land hunts and access to secret spots.


The 7 Best Places To Live For Hunting & Fishing were chosen based on my experience, as well as from other outdoor experts, hunters, industry folks, writers, and biologists who have spent years in the woods to work and play.


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