Hong Kong vs Singapore – Which City Does it Better?

Hong Kong vs Singapore : The Golden City and the Lion City, Hong Kong and Singapore, have been competing for years in areas such as economic growth, education, quality of life and other as well as environmental factors. However, which city has emerged on top?


Hong Kong and Singapore have been in the midst of a civil war for over half a century. Both were former British colonies in addition to being two of the most important financial centres in the world.


Hong Kong is generally regarded as more lively, dynamic, but unfriendly; whereas Singapore is considered to be more sanitized, but more pleasant. But which one is better for business?

Hong Kong vs Singapore

Things to do:

Hong Kong has more things to see and do in terms of activities and attractions. Overall, Hong Kong is a more lively city. From its temples to colonial buildings and world-class museums, Hong Kong is packed with sights. 


Hong Kong Island’s most iconic landmarks include The Peak (Hong Kong’s highest point with stunning views of the city skyline), the Ladies’ Market, the Big Bhudda, and surprisingly, its hiking trails are among the best in the world.


A more sedate place is Singapore. However, the Lion City has something for everyone. The iconic Marina Bay Sands features the world’s largest roof-top infinity pool, the stunning Gardens by the Bay and even the world’s best zoo. 

Hong Kong’s sights are buzzing with energy and vibrancy, whereas Singapore’s sights can sometimes feel overly manicured.

Things to do


Compared to Singapore and Hong Kong, Hong Kong excels at Cantonese food, as the variety of restaurants is truly astonishing. The sheer number of eateries in Hong Kong is breathtaking. 


It is estimated that Hong Kong has more restaurants than anywhere else. In addition to the unmatched choice of Chinese cuisine, Hong Kong is home to some of the best, award-winning restaurants in Asia. No less than 61 of its restaurants have been awarded a Michelin Star.


The melting pot of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisines in Singapore makes it a foodie’s paradise. From chicken rice to chilli crab, and an abundance of famous street food, there are endless dining opportunities. 


The city currently has 38 Michelin-Starred restaurants, which is somewhat below its competitor Hong Kong.



Its wide array of street markets, wet markets, hawker stalls and upscale shopping malls make Hong Kong the shopping mecca. According to Trip Advisor, Hong Kong’s Ladies’ Market is the biggest draw in the entire city. 


Though its name implies that it is mainly for women, Ladies’ Market also sells a wide variety of men’s clothing as well as all sorts of other items, including small household items, gadgets, games, etc. Also Read Best Hotels With Eiffel Tower View

Depending on your budget, Singapore has plenty to offer as well, with its famous Orchard Road shopping boulevard with nearly 30 malls to choose from. But, for those in the mood to spend big, Hong Kong and its market and shopping complex is unbeatable.



Overall liveability:

Singapore is ranked the nicest city to live in Asia for expats, with the best infrastructure in the world, in Mercer’s 2017 annual survey of Asia’s higher quality of life. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is ranked seventh in the survey’s top cities in Asia.


According to data from Expatistan.com, the rental costs are 47 percent higher in Hong Kong than in Singapore. Overall, Singapore’s housing market is the least expensive in the world.

Pollution: Hong Kong also trails behind Singapore when it comes to clean air and pollution levels.

Education: In global education rankings, Singapore has the highest achieving students in the world, with its teenagers coming top in tests in maths, reading and science. Meanwhile, Hong Kong was ranked ninth overall.

Cost of living: According to website Expatisan.com, the cost of living in Singapore is 9 percent cheaper than in Hong Kong overall. Various variables such as food costs, housing costs, clothing and transportation costs, as well as personal care and entertainment costs, are taken into consideration.

Crime :Both Singapore and Hong Kong have excellent crime records, with crime rates among the lowest in the world. Singapore is a bit safer with 596 crimes per 100K people, compared to Hong Kong’s 936 crimes per 100K people.

English: English proficiency is better in Singapore as the city made English its official language and it now ranks first in Asia. In contrast, Hong Kong continues to experience a decline in standards of English, ranking 30th out of 72 places in the annual English proficiency tests conducted by Education First.

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