Top 10 Best Vacations for Single Guys to Get Laid

Best Vacations for Single Guys to Get Laid : With its wild parties and incredible nightlife, Southeast Asia is one of the best places for single men to get laid. With so many young, single travellers arriving on this continent each year, you’ll always meet new people wherever you go.

Taking advantage of the vibrant cities and beautiful beaches, these spots are ideal for singles. Everyone just wants to have a good time, so with the cheap prices of drinks, everyone is relaxed and ready for a good time.

There are so many things to do while you’re there, but at night they come alive in a whole new way! Today I’m going to share with you ten of my favorite Southeast Asian destinations for single men, to get you inspired for your next trip.

Best Vacations for Single Guys to Get Laid

1.Ho Chi Minh City

One of the best places to go on vacation in Vietnam for singles in their 30s, is Ho Chi Minh City. The city has some fantastic landmarks and culture, but at night comes alive in a particular way.


It’s the best place for a pub crawl if you have never tried one before, and I’d recommend the Pub Crawl Saigon if you have. I’ve been here twice before and always met some amazing people to enjoy nights out with. Also visit Best Hotels With Eiffel Tower View


When you meet up with a large number of travellers and spend the night going from bar to bar, you call it a pub crawl. It’s fun for everyone involved, with plenty of drinks.

Hideout Hostel Saigon is one of my favourite party hostels in the city. It has a great terrace above the bar where you can begin any night out with friends.


They host pub crawls every week. They also have drinking games, happy hours, and usually a very relaxed atmosphere. If you need to recuperate the next day, there is a great chill-out room as well.


Bangkok is the most popular starting and ending point for tourists in Southeast Asia, so if you’re looking for a great place for a single man to vacation, this is the best place to start.


It would be a good idea to hang out here for a few days so you can meet new people.


Many backpackers and party people stay on Khao San Road, which is the main hub for young travellers. With pubs, music and nice street food, you’ll find hundreds of people partying there every night.

Bangkok is famous for its Thai ladyboys, so be cautious who you go home with.


Onyx is the best club in Bangkok if you want to have a club experience, holding up to 2000 people a night. For anyone searching for the best places to get laid on a vacation, make sure you pay attention to where you are staying.

4.Siargao, Philippines

A surfer town like Siargao in the Philippines tends to attract lots of interesting and exciting singles. Lots of single guys travel here for the surf and sun, and afterwards everyone will hang out at the relaxed bars and hostels in the area.


Even if you’re not into surf, there’s plenty to do, and day trips are the perfect way to make friends with solo female travellers. Mad Monkey is one of the best party chain hostels in Southeast Asia.


It is the perfect place to meet new girls and to add another page to your journal. They regularly organise pool parties, beer pong tournaments, and other drinking games.


Singapore is one of my best solo vacations for guys recommendation. It’s a modern, flashy city that appeals to young travellers in their late 20s and 30s and is a perfect vacation for a single guy.


Feel like you’re living the highlife every day, with the stunning architecture of the city. At night, immerse yourself in its party scene, with an array of nightclubs and bars.

This may not be the cheapest option, but Clarke Quay will give you some of the most memorable nights in Southeast Asia. I had a number of memorable nights out at the club Zouk there.Also Read singapore vs hong kong



In Singapore, there aren’t as many party hostels as in the US, but there are some really friendly and sociable ones.

Although I only stayed three nights at the Bohemian Chic hostel, I had a wonderful time. I was lucky enough to find a group of friends to hang out with as soon as I arrived here. If you are looking for a place to stay in Singapore, check our guide.


Most of the time, I prefer to stay and drink at the hostel because I always find people to have a great time with (and it’s also cheaper), but Singapore is just too good to pass up on its nightlife, so go and enjoy it.

6.Kuta, Bali

If you want to enjoy Southeast Asia’s stunning beaches, head to Kuta in Bali. Kuta is a crowded beach town popular for its surfing and nightlife, making it an ideal vacation destination for single men.


Try to find a hostel with a sociable atmosphere, where you can play drinking games such as King’s Cup or beer pong. This is one of my favourite games to play to start a night out, and in Kuta, I had some wild times while playing it.

As for the party hostels, I have 2 recommendations here.

The Cara Cara Inn is a great choice if you are looking to stay right in the center of the party scene.


You should stay at Lay Day Surf Hostel if you prefer partying your way through the hostel rather than going out for a night.

7.Gili Trawangan

Another great place in Indonesia is Gili Trawangan. If you want to learn how to scuba dive for the first time, Gili Trawangan has many dive schools that offer open water certifications.


However, at night, it’s a party hub for travelers who like to party. It’s the best of the Gili Islands for partying so it attracts a younger crowd. My favorite night out was Friday at Rudy’s, however I also loved The Irish Pub.

Gili Trawangan is a very popular destination for partygoers, and there are a lot of great options when it comes to party hostels.


Gili Castle is my go-to party hostel here. It has a swimming pool and rock climbing wall, and has some of the best parties and events. Here’s a great spot to stay if you’re traveling on your own.


I personally didn’t stay in this hostel but I met some people who were staying here and I spent a few days here. Is really cool and I like the parties and the vibe.

My second favourite party hostel on Gili Trawangan is Mad Monkey Hostel. This hostel is always packed with a lot of girls, ready to party 24/7.


Various bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the city offer great drinks and food.

8.Vang Vieng, Laos

I recommend at least three days in Vang Vieng as a great vacation spot for single guys. If you want to party, I would recommend even more days in this spot.


Here you can go tubing and kayaking during the day. At night, the backpacker crowd makes for a fun night for single guys.


It is quite popular among single travellers. They have a swimming pool, a good restaurant, a bar, a pool table and even a gym. During my six-day stay, there were packed streets with young and open-minded individuals.

9.Siem Reap, Cambodia

It’s the best area for nightlife here, and where you will want to spend most of your time when you are not visiting the main sites. Siem Reap is also a vacation spot where you can get laid, because of the cheap bars and the fun crowd.


The Mad Monkey Siem Reap was my favorite place to stay, and Angkor What? Bar is always packed with people.

Its beach bar at the top of the hostel is my favorite, where I made new friends. It is open late every night, and with so many guests, the bar has a constantly changing crowd.

10.Phi Phi, Thailand

In my travels, I have seen many countries and Koh Phi Phi for me is one of the best party destinations for single men. I visited this gorgeous paradise with my friends from Phuket and I was amazed.

The whole beach is like a party in Phi Phi every night. And I’m not saying “the party”, but “the party”. There are so many people, all drunk and often times alone.

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