Top 10 Best Places to Live in Vermont

Best Places to Live in Vermont : Near the borders of New Hampshire and New York, Vermont, a place of peace and tranquility, has been home to countless acres of mountains which have drawn families and backpackers alike to hit the slopes for skiing and snowboarding every year since the 19th century.


If snow isn’t what attracts visitors to Vermont, then surely the thousands of hiking trails through the maple trees will do the trick. As one of the largest maple syrup producers in the US, agriculture is a major employer here in Vermont.

Despite Vermont’s small size, it punches above its weight when it comes to best places to live in the United States.

 By considering access to public schools, affordable housing, crime statistics, and populations diversity, we have chosen the top cities, towns, and neighbourhoods to live in Vermont.


We will tell you our top 15 places to live in Vermont without further ado, so without further ado, without beating around the bush, here are some great places to live in Vermont.


The Norwich community is passionate about their town and its beauty. The locals love Norwich.


When you leave Norwich, make sure you make your introductions here. It’s a surefire way to get involved in the community.


Most young families finding themselves in this neighbourhood will be deterred by the high rents and house prices that have soared to over $435,700. However, considering the rural environment, safety and commuter distances, this is good value for money.


Charlotte would be in the top three when all is said and done. A small town with a rural feel, Charlotte’s public schools are nothing short of excellent.


The impressive 90% of the 3,800 people living here own their homes, which indicates that they are mostly satisfied with where they are. Renting is still an option, but with a median rent of $1,443, most would advise you to get on the property ladder immediately.


There are not many properties available in Charlotte that do not come with a large garden of some sort – who doesn’t want a big garden for the family to play in in the summer?

3.South Burlington

Parents in Vermont really are spoiled for options when it comes to schools. South Burlington, the third best place to live in Vermont, has five A-rated schools in the suburb alone. This creates numerous opportunities for socialization, as parents, as kids, and as a complete family.


It comes at a price, however, with extreme low crime rates, great schools and good housing. If you’re okay with it, you can afford it. Average house prices are slightly cheaper than in Norwich at $268,500.


Renters and homeowners are more evenly distributed in South Burlington due to it being a typical suburban area. However, South Burlington is far from a city, featuring many parkland areas, perfect for dog walking and going out for fresh air with the family.


Williston, adjacent to South Burlington, could be called a ‘budget Burlington’, but it is a stand-alone community with a lot to offer.


In Vermont, education is universal to a high standard, making Williston a popular spot for raising a family.

Outdoor activities are a key player in Williston, and with plenty of health and fitness amenities, there are no excuses not to be in tip-top condition when residing in Williston.


Within a 30-minute drive of Williston is the Burlington Airport, with non-stop flights to Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Detroit. Should you wish, you could save yourself the five-hour drive and hop on the daily United flight to New York City.


Jericho is a quaint and unchanging neighbourhood. With 89% of the properties owned by residents, this is a great place to call your own.


The rental markets in Jericho are definitely viable, but the price of houses in Jericho hovers around $290,800. This means that there is a lot of opportunity for those who want to buy rather than rent.


Although Jericho’s schools are above average, they’re still not as culturally diverse as say Montpelier. However, this can be explained by the small population of 5,000 people.

In 2017, Jericho was voted at the best place to buy a house in Vermont. If you’re looking to invest then Jericho is the place for you.


These mountains and Lake Champlain surround this town surrounded by nature, so the landscape is both urban and rural.


Burlington International Airport is located very close to Essex, but it is not so close that you will be disturbed by jet traffic.


You are bound to find a social circle in Essex waiting to embrace someone new with you with 20,000 people to meet.


Essex is a popular destination for Millennials to purchase a home, which makes sense when one considers the proximity of the airport to the city and the median house price of only $270,00.


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Despite the fact that Colchester has 17,290 people as its inhabitants, it has a higher median rent than Essex, but comparable home values of around $260,400 are evidence of the neighbourhood’s affordability.

Near the airport, you can still reach the terminal building of Burlington Airport in less that one hour, even at peak times, if you live in Colchester. Many homes there offer idealistic lakeside views.

During the weekends and holidays, outdoorsy locals head to Niquette Bay State Park. Get your hiking boots ready!

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Cornish in Addison County is a classic and peaceful rural village with spacious and highly desirable houses. But with their desirability, Cornwall offers a price. Although the median home value right now is $361,200 and set to rise, though, it’s expensive for Vermont.


Cornwall is one of the more affordable areas of the state to rent a property. However, it is difficult to find rental properties as 77% of the residents own their homes.

The small and lovely community of 1,071 people shares fairly schools, hospitals, and other amenities.


There is so much you can choose from when it comes to where to live in Vermont. Despite missing out on the top 10, Dummerston has a lot going for it.


Vermont’s schools are outstanding, and this trend is evident in Dummerston as well.

Possibly due to the small population of 1,939 people, the diversity ranking is a little lower than one would expect, but with home ownership so high at 86%, there are fewer properties for newcomers to purchase.


A strong sixth place is awarded to Dummerston as the best places in Vermont to buy a house.


Contrary to popular belief, South Burlington is not the same as Burlington itself. Although both are great places to buy a piece of property and raise a family, the scarcity of housing causes Burlington to fall far under the radar.


Even though it’s useless, the weather influences Burlington residents’ happiness as well as job opportunities as well. Combine this with a higher than average cost of living in the state and you can see why some would prefer to live in South Burlington rather than the city itself.


Thinking about job possibilities, Burlington Airport is within easy commuting distance.

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